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Introducing the Sanitized Antimicrobial fabric, The natural way to eliminate contamination in uniform clothing.

Health Hazards due to the risks of infection cause enormous costs throughout the world and continue to create negative headlines. Using the Sanitized fabric concept we beleive we can manufacture products that could help to reduce the associated risks.

  • Affordable Coating process therefor producing extremely cost effective garments (UK Manufactured Contemporary Tunic approx 14.95 at these quantities)
  • Coating applied to any fabric enabling the production of Sctubs, Aprons, Tunics, Trousers, Lab Coats, Bedding, Tabards, Catering Clothing and Headwear
  • MOQ's of approximately 2,000 pieces over any range of products
  • The sanitized Hygiene function helps to reduce the growth and spread of microorganisms that are particularly problematic such as
  • chlostridia and antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and NDM-1
  • Compliant to BPR 528/2012
  • Compliant to Reach 1907/2006
  • Compliant to SVHC, REACH Annex XVI
  • Bespoke Garments to most specifications
  • Launderable (Suggested max 50 washes)

  • The cost effective way to fight infection

    Below are some product examples using this process






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